3500 players took on our World Record Challenge!

On May 14, Fleksy and Marcel broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to type on a touch-screen. Marcel used Fleksy on a Galaxy S4 to smash the previous records, held by Microsoft and Swype.

To celebrate, we set up the Challenge: beat Fleksy’s new record breaking time for the chance to win prizes!

  • 3500 Players
  • 1482 Raffle Tweets
  • 33 players faster than current World Record
  • Top 10 players faster than 16 seconds
  • 1 player beats all with an amazing time of 11.65 seconds

And although the attempts may not be Guinness sanctioned, and not everyone was using the same device, those are some pretty incredible numbers!

Without further ado, here are your winners:

Top Player | Nexus 5

Rank Player Time
1 mrm*** 11.65s

Top 10 | Guinness Book and Fleksy T-shirt

Rank Player Time
2 bam*** 12.32s
3 pot*** 13.92s
4 han*** 14.01s
5 kar*** 14.07s
6 kir*** 14.66s
7 alb*** 15.39s
8 ith*** 15.65s
9 idr*** 15.82s
10 mis*** 15.87s
11 ram*** 16.25s

Twitter raffle winners | Collectible Fleksy T-shirt



Fleksy users are fast - the fastest in the world!

Congratulations to all the winners!! We’ll be reaching out to everyone to distribute the prizes.

Stay tuned!

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Happy typing!

- Team Fleksy